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We will habitually examine what other Christians are doing in our area before initiating new projects or programs; we will do everything with them which faith does not oblige us to do separately. To accomplish this more effectively we will make ourselves aware of the characteristics of these Churches, their particular problems and ways of thinking.  In this way we will attempt to heal old divisions and present a unified witness to the non-Christian world (Missionary Outlook, #16e, 1972 General Chapter).
THE NEXT TWO ITEMS REVOLUTIONIZE MISSION, ECUMENISM AND DIALOGUE.  Jon Sobrino, SJ's begins in the Old World and depends on the New; Waclaw Hryniewicz, OMI's begins in the New World and depends on the Old.

Polish Oblate Concerning Feb. 12, 2016 Cuban Declaration Of Pope and Patriarch


By Harry E. Winter, OMI

Father Waclaw Hryniewicz, OMI, has stated that the Joint Declaration of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill, issued at their meeting in Cuba, Feb. 11, 2016, “is an historical declaration, long and detailed” (click here for the 30 paragraphs, some of which are quite short).  Father Hryniewicz, who served for many years (1980-2005) on the International  Roman Catholic-Orthodox Commission for the Theological Dialogue,  also helped us understand the startling significance of the Polish-Russian Reconciliation Statement of Aug. 17, 2012, which Kirill also signed (www.omiusa.org, Sept. 19, 2012;)  www.harrywinter.org, Eastern Christianity page for  beautiful photos).

Fr. Hryniewicz observed that the Declaration “emphasizes three times the Tradition and the shared heritage of the Church of the first millennium (#’s 4,7, 24).  This is an important reminder for the official theological dialogue.  Reference to the Trinity as the model for the life of the Church is quite traditional, especially for the Orthodox side.  But it should not lead to an anachronistic understanding of the historical development of such church doctrines as for example primacy and synodality.”





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If you read nothing else in the next twelve months regarding Evangelization, read this:   

Shortly before the Council, emerged again powerfully what in my opinion is the fundamental historical problem of a Church that goes back to Jesus of Nazareth and that, in faith, we confess as his body in history. This fundamental problem is the relationship of the Church with the real poor, those who don’t give life of course, or security, or dignity.

What we have just said is not routine. Nor is it a way of defending liberation theology, or supporting Pope Francis, or remembering the poverelo of Assisi. It is central to our faith. Jesus of Nazareth proclaimed the good news to the poor, and, shockingly, only to the poor. And he also defended them and confronted those who impoverished them. And for that he died a death of slaves, very cruel and vile — he was crucified.

In another passage from the origins of Christianity, very important but not very well-remembered, Paul is defending himself against the Judeo-Christians who were very suspicious of him and never left him in peace, with this forceful argument: “at the meeting in Jerusalem, they only put one condition on us — that we not forget the poor of Jerusalem.” Paul fulfilled it to the letter. He went around the Empire collecting alms and returned to Jerusalem, running great risks there, to give alms to the poor.

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  Fr. Gallagher's role in the in choosing the new Executive Director of the US Catholic Mission Association . For further info please click here.
  January 2016 article on Synod on the Family and Eucharistic Sharing, click here . The article from October 4th-5th have been added to the January article.
  Oblate Charism Congress, Oblate School of Theology, San Antonio, TX, and seven other sites, world-wide, June 28-July 3, 2015, includes Missionary Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue.  For first installment, click here.
  See Oblate Missiologists Page for Unique Oblate Accomplishment in Evangelization/Missiology
The three realities of Mission (Evangelization/Proclamation), Unity (Ecumenism) and Dialogue are explored very concisely by the late Archbishop Marcello Zago, OMI (1932-2001):  see the page "Oblate Missiologists," and click on the article in the bottom of the box.
"The Council Fathers knew that being open to modern culture meant religious ecumenism and dialogue with non-believers.  But afterwards very little was done in that direction.  I have the humility and ambition to want to do something."  Pope Francis to Eugenio Scalfari, editor of La Repubblica, Oct. 1, 2013.
For practical, ongoing ecumenism see the five ways page
The miracle of unity has begun....I've never seen God begin a miracle without finishing it well. For the entire 7 minute video, go to the Pope Francis page.
Pope Francis Continues the Process of Turning the Church Upside Down

With the placement of the People of God before the Hierarchy in the
Constitution on the Church of Vatican II, a reversal of our ministry as Oblates missionaries began.  Russell Shaw's short article in America, "Everyone's Vocation," Sept. 29th 2014 is a must read presentation of this: Click Here  
Church Before Vatican II Church After Vatican II

Why is Holy Spirit reversing the pyramids? So, we can reconcile two almost contradictory truths The Roman Catholic Church is essential for evangelization, and the Roman Catholic Church needs constant reform from other Christian churches and other religious bodies.  For a marvelous. short presentation of this tension,  see Gavin D'Costa. "A Prophetic vision:'Dogmatic Constitution Church' 50 Years Later," America, Nov. 17, 2014, pp. 19-22 Click here

The holding of both truths in tension is necessary for effective evangelization.

Rev. Harry E. Winter, O.M.I. Coodinator of Ministry of Mission, Unity and Diolague -- see biography  

Episcopalian Former Priests and Mission Hits Home for the Oblates.


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