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People who have read the book Dividing or Strengthening, or who have made the retreat (both available, click here) have expressed a desire to pray for unity and to work with other Christians.  We meet regularly and update.  There are no dues and no regulations.  We are a very small part of an increasing web of Christians who identify with one denomination and are concerned with all Christians.  Some of the larger groups are Renovare, Stephan Ministries, Taize, and Iona. 

Father Tom Ryan, CSP, in his 2015 book Christian Unity:  How You Can Make a Difference, describes at length (ch. 5, pp. 83-107) the surge in the number of lay groups focusing on Evangelization and Christian Unity (Paulist Press). But he also states that apathy toward Christian Unity is growing (p. 121).

Currently we have about 50 people connected by e-mail and regular meetings.  An initial group came out of the weekend retreat at King’s House, Buffalo, MN, Jan. 15-17, 2010.  Following that, there were parish retreats at St. Casimir’s Church, St. Paul, MN,  March, 2010 and St. Patrick’s Church, St. Paul, MN, March, 2012.   What started out as an  update meeting  for those who attended any of the three previous retreats was expanded to anyone who is interested in the challenge of sharing our faith:  June  6,7, 2012 (evening, repeated the following morning for those unable to come in the evening), and Nov. 7, 8, 2012; May15,16, 2013, May 7th, 8th 2014 See Below

 January 16, 2018 Five Ways

 With the celebration of Our Lady of Hope, Pontmain, France tomorrow, Jan. 17, you may want to see the website for this apparition of Mary, which is so close to the heart of Oblates of Mary Immaculate.  You will find it on the MUD website, Mary and Unity page. You may be surprised by the new item on  the home page of MUD: The Fourth Age of Mission, the Laity (all

Our Lady of Hope's feast is a good introduction to the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, which occurs from Jan. 18-25.  This year's topic, chosen by the Christians (Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestants) of the Caribbean, is "Your Right Hand, O Lord, Glorious in Power" (Ex. 15:6). If your parish is not having any special service during this time, try to remember Christian Unity in your daily prayers, and discuss it with your Christian relatives and friends.

Your prayers are most welcome as I travel on Jan. 22 from Boston to St. Louis, to spend all day Jan. 23 presenting Mission, Unity and Dialogue to our five novices in our novitiate in Godfrey, IL.  Two are from Zambia, one from India, one from French Canada, and one from our Hispanic USA culture. Then on Jan. 24 I fly to Albuquerque, NM to spend time with my brother and his family, returning here on Jan. 29.  At 80, I don't travel as easily as I used to.

Be assured of my prayers for each of you and your family.

In Christ's love,

Fr. Harry Winter, OMI



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As we approach the Feast of Pentecost, please remember Dr. Bob Brenneman, who spoke to our Five Ways group, at St. Patrick's Church, St. Paul, MN,  on April 15/16, 2015. He left May 9 to minister with Syrian and Iraqi refugees, continuing his work of showing the love of Jesus to Muslims and other religious groups in the Middle East.  He will return to St. Paul after 6 weeks.


Please congratulate Fr. Greg Gallagher, OMI, on his election as president of the new Executive Committee of the US Catholic Mission Association. Fr. Greg continues his valuable ministry of helping the USCMA respond to the change from working with vowed religious who would spend years on the missions, to short term lay missionaries. You may find more about this on the home page of the MUD website:


Attached is a summary of the emphasis for this Pentecost on welcoming refugees.  It includes some comments from the Oblate Convocation, held at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, Belleville, IL, April 22-26.  Many thanks to all who prayed for an inspiring meeting. Please Click here for summary


Fr. Harry, OMI

Janury 15 2016

The item below, from the U.S. Catholic Mission Association, is significant for two reasons.  First, Fr. Greg Gallagher, OMI, the President of USCMA, was influential in hiring Dr. Donald McCrabb, the Executive Director.  For more on Fr. Greg's leadership of USCMA, see the home page of the  MUD website (

 Secondly, with the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity being held from Jan. 18-25, we need to remember both the link between Ecumenism and Dialogue, and the difference.  Without Vatican II's great impetus for Christian Unity, we would have much less ability to work with Judaism, Islam, and the other great religions.  One of the great sources of our progress in working with other faiths, has come from Christians learning to work together.

However, there is a major difference: our belief in Jesus as Lord and Savior, resulting in our baptism and incorporation into the Body of Christ, no matter how fragmented it may seem. Dialogue and Ecumenism are both part of Evangelization.  Jesus has commanded us to tell others about Him.  One reason for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is to increase our effectiveness in witnessing to Our Lord.

As the Christmas Season winds down with the Wedding Feast at Cana this weekend, and the Purification of Mary on Feb. 2, let us thank God for the many blessings we have received during this time.

Fr. Harry Winter, OMI, Coordinator, Ministry of Mission, Unity and Dialogue, USA Oblate Province.


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Dear Sisters and Brothers in Mission,


I was deeply moved by Pope Francis’s prayer request this month. It is worth your time to view it. You can find it by clicking on the picture below or by going to our website:



“I hope you will spread my prayer request this month,” the pope said. “That sincere dialogue among men and women of different faiths may produce the fruits of peace and justice. I trust in your prayers.”


Steven Bevans and Eleanor Doidge have helped us see that Interreligious Dialogue is one aspect of mission.


Pope Francis himself is the fruit of generations of missionaries – those who brought the Gospel to the “new world,” the Jesuit missionaries who witnessed to the Gospel, and the countless women and men of faith in Argentina who welcomed and embraced migrants from Europe. Dialogue, and the promise of dialogue, has its roots in the mission experience. Let us pause to see the missionary roots to the Holy Father’s prayer request with humility and joy: humility so that we can see both the weeds and the wheat of those who have served mission through the centuries and joy that our own efforts, however flawed or incomplete, are in the hands of Mercy.


I would love to hear your experiences of interreligious dialogue that has grown out of your life lived in mission. My own experiences are rooted in university life when Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Marxists would come together to explore the nature of what Catholic Social Teaching has referred to as social sin.


We are together in mission. May we be together in prayer this weekend as we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord. May we dwell together in prayer as we respond, however we can, to the invitation of our Holy Father to enter into “sincere dialogue” with women and men of different faiths.”


Together in Mission,




Dr. Donald R. McCrabb

Executive Director

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Pope Francis: Shedding of blood shared Christian experience

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Sept 30th 2015

Pope Francis' visit to Cuba and the USA was truly an encounter.  He met so many people, not only leaders, but especially the poor and vulnerable.  When he presided at the Prayer Service at Ground Zero on Friday, Sept. 25, did you notice that the Jewish rabbi and the Moslem iman truly encountered each other and the rest of the congregation, as they dialogued back and forth four times?

 Let us thank God for many weeks for keeping Pope Francis safe, and for giving him such strength for his visit.

Fr. Greg Gallagher, OMI, administrator of St. Casimir's and St. Patrick's Parishes in St. Paul, is now traveling to the Mission Congress being held in Houston, TX, from Oct. 1-4. As president of the US Catholic Mission Association, he will preside at the Congress. And as many of you know, he buried his 88 year old mother from St. Casimir's yesterday.  Please keep him and all those participating in the Congress, in your prayers.

Please pray for me as I pray for you.

July 16 2015

1.  Eucharistic Hospitality.  One of the surprises for many Catholics is that the first food and drink consumed on mankind's first moments on the moon, was the consecrated bread and wine offered to God on July 20, 1969 by astronaut Buzz Aldrin, an elder in Webster Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX.  Every year on the Sunday closest to July 20, that church commemorates this important event.  It symbolizes the way many Christian Churches are converging in what we do each Sunday when we celebrate Mass.  So this July 19, as we worship in our individual parishes, may we rejoice in the way our reverent worship of the Triune God is becoming more shared by all Christians.  More on this may be found on the page "Eucharistic Hospitality," website Mission-Unity-Dialogue (  Notice especially Fr.Ron Rolheiser's column of last April posted there recently.

  2.  Oblate Charism Congress, June 28-July 3.  Many, many thanks to those who offered prayers and sacrifice for the success of our Oblate Charism Congress, in San Antonio.  It succeeded beyond our expectations, being held simultaneously in San Antonio, TX for North America, Mexico City for South America, Rome, Italy and Dobra, Poland for Europe, Durban, South Africa and Kinshasa, Congo, for Africa, and Colombo, Sri Lanka and Manila, Philippines for Asia.

The goal of the congress was to share what the specific quality or charism is that God has given to the Oblates, and how we are living this today.  Joining vowed Oblates were lay people, married and single, who share our ministry.  These Oblate Associates are one of the surprising developments as we decrease in the number of vowed Oblates.  The number of lay people who wish to be joined with us in our ministry to the poor and hurting, is growing by leaps and bounds.

The various talks presented may be found on the international Oblate website,, using the password for the Oblate Charism Congress "demazenod."

3.  Many thanks too for your prayers for the Orientale Lumen Conference in Washington, DC, June 15-18.  Fr. Dan  Nassaney found it most valuable and I hope to put some of his thoughts up soon, on the Eastern Christianity page.

 Click here for Papal Visit and Two Other Events

Pentecost May 24th 2015

As we celebrate Pentecost on May 24, 2015, please remember that it has always been a time to pray for the unity of all Christians, so we may better evangelize.  The fact that so many different nations heard the disciples speaking in their own languages on Pentecost reminds us of the need for all Christians to work together.

Please pray for the Christians especially of the ancient Eastern Churches, who bear the brunt of persecution by ISIS in the Middle East.

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, OMI, has written a very interesting open letter to our bishops, asking them to include in the Eucharistic Prayer of every Mass, the leaders of the other Christian Churches.  You may find his column of April 26 on the Eucharistic Hospitality page. . His reasoning is very interesting and relevant.


May the Holy Spirit make us all more joyful and effective evangelizers!


Witnessing to Muslims:  Our April 15/16, 2015  meeting in St. Francis Chapel, St. Patrick's Church featured a startling presentation by Dr. Bob Brenneman, of the Assemblies of God North Central University, Minneapolis, regarding the way Christians can attract Muslims to Jesus.  Go to our "Dialogue" page for the photo, and summary approved by Brenneman.




As we celebrate the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity from Jan. 18-25 2015, there are several interesting developments to consider. Gavin D'Costa, an English Catholic theologian, published a very insightful, short article in America on the Constitution on the Church of Vatican II, and the way that ecumenism and dialogue can co-exist with the belief that the Catholic Church is necessary for salvation.  He convincingly argues that both truths are necessary.  If you read nothing else during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, please read this, on the Oblate national website, right side, scroll down to Mission-Unity-Dialogue or go directly to

Click here for earlier Five Ways items

May 7th/8th, 2014

Father Richard Flom of the (Eastern) Orthodox Church in America spoke to us (Fr. Ted had a funeral and recommended Fr. Richard).  He described the beauty of Orthodox worship, and how the architecture of the church reflects it.  He suggested that Mother Teresa is a good example of Christians working together to bring Christ to our world.

Corrine Bauer, in the evening session, brought up the need for support of the Dorothy Day Center in downtown St. Paul.  She will obtain more information on who actually owns the building.

 Two speakers have been suggested for the autumn meeting.  Fr. Harry will let us know about the speaker and time.

 A total of twenty attended the two sessions, most coming from St. Patrick's, but with some from St. Casimir's, and St. Peter's in north St. Paul.  See the photos.

Dr. Tatiana Flom MD, Rev. Dr. Richard Flom MD, Fr. Harry Winter OMI, and Rev. Steve West, Chaplain and Administrator, Assembly of God Church Joan Scheller, Shirley Heilman, Tom Nordren, Anna Elia, Jim West, Loretta Connellly (all St. Patrick's) and Jackie Blossom (St. Casimir).